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June Resumption June 10, 2017

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Both Dexter and Hannah are as right as the rain now falling, but for April and May the photo record of their jaunts (or walks) have not been realized, although photos were taken. The fact is there are too many photos.

The walks are an important part of their routine. Hopefully walking may be working for me. I am less agile now than I used to be. Their benefit as exercise are questionable. However, they do represent a time of silence. There is always a possibility that we could meet other people, and sometimes dogs, which can be quite sudden when there is restricted line of vision.

The other aspect is that we have become disconnected from nature. We don’t identify ourselves as part of the natural world, its systems and its processes. Our symbiotic relationship with the plants and trees as breathing creatures is part of a larger set of relationships, including the ocean and the wind. Part of the problem with dealing with climate change is the abstraction and disconnection that has been created by the industrial and post-industrial world, while the science that alerts us to the potential catastrophe for our global society is a product of the same world. A modest walk through the bush to satisfy the dogs might be part of the antidote needed.

Here is the video, which I have assemble somewhat haphazardly. The music is “Travel Light” by Audionautix:

I do not have to clap my hands or slap my tighs, I can hear the rain failling and it sounds similiar. Angel City Chorale perform Toto’s Africa:



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