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Slow March April 1, 2017

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As the BBC noted “It’s been a week of flooding in Peru, a heatwave in India and rain hitting South-East Asia.” And in Australia there has been Cyclone Debbie and its consequences.

Of course, there has been some contention by those you claim that Climate Change is not a fact that such storms are not related. The discussion, mostly considered just seem pointless. My understanding is that such storms are likely to be less frequent but more intense. It is always the combination of events in these instances that does the damage.

We had rain day after day. Amazingly the sun returned for the last two days. Dexter and Hannah went out on four days since last week. As usual there were some photos. The music is by Chris Zabriskie, somewhat in the tenor of the climate related theme, is “The Importance of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan”.  This is a Puget Sound ferry, whose name in Chinook means “arrow”:

Jethro Tull’s, (Ian Anderson’s words) “Slow Marching Band was surprisingly related:

Would you join a slow marching band?
And take pleasure in your leaving
as the ferry sails and tears are dried
and cows come home at evening.

Could you get behind a slow marching band?
And join together in the passing
of all we shared through yesterdays
in sorrows neverlasting.

Take a hand and take a bow.
You played for me; that’s all for now,
oh, and never mind the words:
just hum along and keep on going.

Walk on slowly don’t look behind you.
Don’t say goodbye, love. I won’t remind you.

. . .



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