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“. . . and Watermelon Wine” March 4, 2017

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With the backlog of days, the photos build up. Eventually, I have got around to doing something about them.

The criticism I get is that the photos are all the same. To that, I would say the details change. For most of January and February there was no flow of water at the crossing at the creek . The Bureau of Meteorology  confirmed the suspicion that the January and February were exceptionally hot and dry. This included on some occasions 30 degree Celsius around midnight. The ran seems to have held off until the end of February and it has now come down in bucket loads.

This has meant that the dogs are not going out, and when they do, I am avoiding coming down the embankment and walking around the street. With there new harnesses, which are I believe both stronger and cooler, I have more confidence in taking that option, I may be advised to avoid the embankment for the time being.

Dog areas are not all they are cracked up to be. I don’t know how Dexter and Hannah would go down the beach. I don’t give Hannah as much free time off the lease as I should. i cannot know who might come along.

Here are the photos. I was able to include Sampson, the horse, who expects an apple, even two apples. It is quite a task to bundle all the photos, and I chose Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” because it would cover the distance and was least intrusive.

Why Watermelon Wine?  Firstly, because it is mentioned in the song by Tom T Hall and then because that was the colour of the sky in early February. He also mentions old dogs, and Dexter may now fit into that category. Are 65 yo people now considered old? And he mentions children who have not yet learnt to hate. “Old Dogs, and Children and Watermelon Wine” wrote and sung by Tom T Hall:



1. wmmbb - March 5, 2017

Marc Lewis in The Guardian considers the politics of fear of the outsider (often a construct to project inhumanity) are conditioned by amygdala mediated by the frontal lobes. Little children may not have the experience to hate, but they have the predisposition. This explains why albinos in East Africa are subject to discrimination. It may add to the explanation for the global migration of people, other than curiosity, opportunity and adaptation. We can chose to be self aware but as always cultural norms and social conditioning, mostly subconscious even seemingly when explicit, are important.

Perhaps people are less guarded in their behavior with their dogs. So dogs get to know the true person and the behavioral spectrum.

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