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Dog Blog: Friday 13 May 26, 2016

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May is not turning out to be the friendly and obliging month that the name would suggest. Nonetheless, Dexter and Hannah have continued on their walks followed by the camera. However, some of the photo record has been obliterated, which was simultaneous with the crash of my desktop.

On reflection it was probably all my fault. One thing leads to another, and as they do what is happening is observed, but somehow through intrinsic stupidity. nothing is done. This could be a metaphor to the response to climate change. As human beings we carry around our primitive brain,which might well have saved us from danger and disaster in the period of our formative development. The digital world is remarkably – and perhaps – cognitive to a non-human measure.

And then unrelated things happen. In my case the internet for unexplained reasons was done. As others have noted this outcome could be potentially very dangerous because the landline phone is now connected to broadband. I had to get the mobile phone working.

Mostly, the dogs or my own sense of responsibility persuades me to take them out. They are keen to get out the back gate and then they take their time. In there case, I suspect it is a case of both the activity and the environment. They probably should be given more activity. Perhaps, in different modulations they are attuned to nature, as we human beings are. Introspectively, I am aware of the natural environment has.

I decided to make things easy, by taking just one day. These are the photos I took on the 13 of May. The tune is performed by Silent Partner and is called “Daisy Dukes”, but we are more laid back than the tempo would suggest:

Whether or not, life is long is a matter of opinion. Rarely as we walk, Hannah may stop and look back. I don’t recall Dexter acting in this way. When I look back I can imagine, I can imagine some presence catching up and passing us, no doubt issues the degree individually. It seems to me that wanting to live is some form of deep coding. Ruth Moody was in Aotearoa declaring in song that “Life is Long”:



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