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Telling the Truth March 17, 2016

Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

It was a great surprise to hear that Bernie Sanders was not played on the Monopoly Mass Media. They were apparently more interested in their own commentary and waiting for Donald Trump’s (originally the German  name was Drumpt).

Bernie is a great bloke – or at least I think so. However, I was disappointed to hear him say that in essence democracy is one vote, one value. The supporters cheered regardless. Nonetheless, his speech was worth hearing, and his opinions and arguments should have been offered to the voters (Source:Common Dreams):

Influence is not always a function of media control. The Quakers, for example, have always been small in number, and with the exception of Pennsylvania they have never run a government, but nonetheless over time, and in ways not always immediately obvious, they have exercised an extraordinary influence for the good (via American Friends Service Committee):

“Quakers refuse to bear arms or take part in military service, we accept an obligation to help the victims of war and conflicts, and we make a commitment to active peacemaking. We don’t shy away from conflict, but seek to transform conflict and build a just peace with tools that are infused with the spirit of caring for all God’s children.”–Shan Cretin, AFSC general secretary ‪#‎Quakers‬



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