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Dog Blog: February Doubletake February 23, 2016

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An environment can be photographed, but to be experienced it must be understood. Experience is a function of shared collective programming of mind. There is more to the stories of culture – but it seems to be the case we miss much.

As Dexter, Hannah and I go about our regular transit, we are walking through a culturally transformed landscape, in which ignorance and neglect is as significant as blind agency. Admittedly, it is pushing boundaries to suggest that native animals , who are  beings with levels of awareness and sensing lived in the natural ecology. The human beings who  lived here  for 40 -60,000 years were much more integrated with the natural ecology than those that followed. The train that carried the coal from deep in the escarpment is now a figment of imagination, as is the sounds of the coal crusher and those driven by the ethos of industrial civilization.

There is more to this world than I can see. Dexter and Hannah live in the present. There are two videos from from 6-19 February.

The supporting music for “The Second Week of February” is “Stomping Ground” by Silent Partner:

“Daisy Dukes” is performed by Silent Partner as the back music for ” 13-19 February”:

Iris DeMent is an interesting and courageous singer-song writer. One song in particular is of current relevance and underlines her independent thinking and observation. She wrote and sings, “Living in the Wasteland of the Free”:



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