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Dog Blog: January Jaunts January 17, 2016

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I was in a newsagent, buying the Saturday paper, and made a general comment regarding the recent usual weather. I was surprised by the response, implicitly of climate change denial. The weather is not a subject for small talk any more.

The vagaries of weather, regardless of underlying significance has affected our activities this past week. The weather may be subjective and emotional, but it is hard to remember when we last experienced too storms in one week. On Monday there was hail and thunder storm in the afternoon that lasted about an hour. The actual  hail stones, fortunately, were very small, but they covered the grass and hit up against the front windows. There was thunder, but not close. The rain was intense. It could be seen bouncing off the road to about one metre about the surface. Then on Thursday there was another storm that brought down trees in some Sydney suburbs. The temperature fell rapidly from the low 30 degree Celsius to just over 20 degrees Celsius. Unless observations are made over time, memory is an unreliable guide. After Monday, I was surprised to see the brown in the creek, something I have not previously noticed. I suppose that observation is consistent with the intensity and volume of the rain compared to the normal run off pattern.

Otherwise, this week has been eventful for Dexter – and the rest of us. The vet advised an operation for his aural haematoma – bleeding within the ear caused by a rupture to the ear cartilage. He was taken to the vet hospital on Tuesday and was required to stay overnight. Since then he has been wearing a plastic helmet to protect his ear and allow him to crash into most things in his path. He somehow survived the night in the cage. I did not recognize him when he emerged. I was some distance away holding Hannah.

I had not realized how much easier it is to take one dog out, especially Hannah, who with discretion, can be let off the lead. Since taking Dexter out separately and then taking a short cut through my neighbours backyard is not solution, I have now opted to take them both out. In this respect our lives have become intricate, the orchestration has to be retuned.

The music is “Chances” by Silent Partner, and the vagaries of uploading have lead to  unintended artist licence:

It is the interpretation of the lyrics that matters. It is interesting that, at least for me, people who were not yet born and have no direct experience, can bring out the emotional force of a song. An example is the Swedish sisters singing Emmylou Harris’s song, “Red Dirt Girl”. Since that song is not related to the weather, I had better refer to their song “Emmylou”:



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