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Dog Blog: Three Days in January January 10, 2016

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The new year has opened with rain, which is far better than the alternative. The weather, as always, is a mystery that looms over us. The experience of climate is more elusive, dependent as it is, on memory.

The New York Times, which is a problem to some, has accepted the reality of climate change. Justine Giles provided “Short Answers to Hard Questions”.

It would be much easier if everyone made reference to one temperature scale. Otherwise it necessary to know that one degree Fahrenheit is equal to 0.556 degrees Celsius. Thus a mean surface warming of 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately one degree Celsius (0.9452) since 188o, when global temperature records started.

Still for Dexter, Hannah and myself when climate change kicks in we are likely to be dead and forgotten – we hope. All we have is the present – or else consciousness is not confined by temporal bounds. Which is the greater shadow: consciousness, death or the convergence of both?

Dexter has a aural haematoma The cartage in his left ear is damage, and it is filled with blood. One ear appears to be paying attention, while the other does not. I don’t think it is . My suggestion that it was caused by putting the harness on was dismissed by the vet.

So we went out an caught some shadows for future reference and memory. On Thursday when we left it was raining, I expected to get drenched, and behold the sun came out. The music is by Kevin MacLeod, “Cattails – Thatched Villages”:

I don’t believe that Dexter and Hannah are shadows on the walk. There experiences cannot be known. Treating people like a shadow on the wall might be seen as dehumanization.

“Shadow on the Wall” is a song that presents a level of difficulty for the singer:


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