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Dog Blog Again: Looking Around December 14, 2015

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Sometimes Dexter and Hannah may look back, and sometimes when they do something I am ready to catch that moment. Most of the time we are moving on, getting to where we are going without reflection.

Sometimes there are things to not seen before. Sometimes, just to test me more than Dexter and Hannah, another dog or person crosses our path, or blindsides us from behind. Then there are the rare moments when something is going on. This week it was the bushfire on Maddens Plains that posed a threat to the  escarpment. It was extraordinary how quickly it was controlled. The smoke became black, and then was greatly reduced. We could see the helicopters, but not the giant water bombers that had been employed.

The anticipation is that this year will be a bad one for bushfires. Meanwhile in Paris an agreement was reached that addressed, however obliquely the ¬†the “civilizational” challenged presented by Climate Change crisis. Practical and effective measures are best.

These are the memories recorded for the week. The music is “Green Leaves” by Audionautix:

Kate Wolf seems to have had a thing about green eyes, including composing a song with that name:



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