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Dual Dog Blog: Summer Starts December 10, 2015

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I do not seem able to complete on time the weekly presentation of photos. It was always going to be a more difficult task with the passage of time. Now, there are emergent signs that I am no longer physically capable of completing the walks. Let’s hope that conclusion is inaccurate.

Still the fact remains, if different things are done there will be different results. I assume that the numbers of people who might be interested is vanishingly small.

One of the things I notice from the prior week is the mash-up of daily photos. I think that approach is a mistake. Everyday is different. The music is  “Easy Day” by Kevin MacLeod:

Who knew the local primary school has an affiliation with Bhasa and Indonesia? I should take Pepe from next door for a walk more often and learn more about the neighbourhood.

Then there is the symbolism of the cut grass and the potential for bush fires. The daily temperatures have been widely fluctuating. As can be seen from the creek there has not been much rain.

So this week  I tried to gather together photos taken on the same day. Nonetheless, it is not  a deliberative and careful assemblage. “How it Began” is performed by Silent Partner:

I would like to have more indigenous and local music. On the other hand the imagination might be employed to  go beyond the bounds of locality. I had a person discovery this week of a Californian singer who died in 1986 – almost thirty years ago. I admire that she wrote and performed her own songs. “Across the Great Divide” has been taken up by several other performers:



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