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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG:Ten Steps at a Time . . . November 23, 2015

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Upon reflection, it may be noted that mistakes can be a part of learning. In regard to this title it is obvious that I over did it.

I am not sure how that relates to positive reinforcement, although I suppose negative reinforcement is the default position. In regard to snakes, for example, it is up to me to alert enough to avoid any potentially fatal interactions.

The ten steps at a time refers, of course, to the combination of quadrupeds with a bipedal individual. This difference, although not usually observed (much less by me) is an extraordinary difference in the way in which species negotiate time and space. The commonplace is more interesting than it might at first sight be supposed to be.

When I take Dexter and Hannah out, I more or less know what I am doing, and the contingencies that may arise. Sometimes I take “chances”. Last Friday, was exceptionally hot. The temperature range in Sydney was 40-44 degrees Celsius (at or over 110 degrees Fahrenheit at a rough estimate). It did not quite reach those temperatures here. A quick walk down the street was enough to get a sense of how hot it was, and that the Southerly Breeze was blowing. So I took the dogs out but kept for the most part to the bush tracks. I probably did not take enough water, but there was water in the creek. The following days have been cool, if not cold at night.

There was a strong reprimand for me for not realizing the birds bowls become hot to the point at which the water can injure birds that drink at them.

Anyway there is a too long title and the supporting music is “Chances” performed by Silent Partner:

A more general question raised by recent events, putting aside cultural conditioning: Why do young men join ISIL’s mission of suicide and murder? Other young men of a similar age are marrying and anticipating the future. Violence is disconnecting and insidious. Part of the problem is recognize the conditioning prior to overt expression, which we all have exposure. (I cannot forget the young girl who was saved from a bombing in Syria, possibly Raqqah, asking after her family and been told misleadingly they were fine.) The poet of our age, Bob Dylan had some thoughts:



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