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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Take Five November 15, 2015

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The record is plain. This past week, Dexter and Hannah stepped out five times.They took there deprivation, as far as can be observed, in good grace. When we did take out chances, when we came back there were leeches everywhere suggesting the original screening between the their toes was less than effective.

Just to step back, given the bombing and murders in Paris and Beirut, I can opt without a television set to view the news. Events without context combined with dehumanization of the actors, regardless of how cruel and brutal their actions, is propaganda, not news reporting. We now live in a global society made by possible by global communications.

As for Dexter and Hannah they can be more concerned about digging under the fence for a blue tongue lizard. I yelled at Hannah and she dropped the lizard. I put in a cardboard box and took it outside. Whether we recognize or not, the natural world is as consequential as human antipathies and interpersonal violence, which by some accounts begins with a abstract disconnect from the natural world.

Dexter and Hannah took their world in their stride, and we have the photos (which might be watched in less than five minutes). The background music, “Sailor’s Lament”, is performed by Audionautix:

Leonard Cohen assures us that there is ‘a crack in everything. “Anthem” has other lyrics:



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