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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Sun, Rain and Leeches November 10, 2015

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Even on a weekly basis, it is hard to get track of weather variability. Of course climate change is a statistical variation. The Bureau of Meteorology suggests warmer maximum and minimum temperatures. We will experience whatever happens.

Last week began with a few warm and sunny days, and it had not rained for some time so there was not water at the creek crossing. My pessimism was unfounded. Rain came and water flowed again. The dogs found some green tortoise, which I hand not see before, and could not get any information about them. When it is damp, we usually all pick up leeches. On this occasion they missed me. So when they come home, I usually inspect their paws and gather a number of leeches. These creatures have interesting behaviors, described by the Australian Museum.

As last week I have a problem with managing the photos. The selections are somewhat ad hoc. The music is Grieg’s “Morning Mood”:

The Corries sing “Come by the Hills”  ‘where fancy is free’ (which we must not allow) “And the cares of tomorrow must wait until the day is done”. Sounds good perhaps:



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