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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Catching Sunlight and Shadows November 3, 2015

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This title suggests colours. You could say it represents yellow and black. The reference does not stop with Dexter and Hannah. Other things going, especially on Sunday morning. The Rugby World Cup final was between the Wallabies and the All Blacks. As it happens, I saw an actual wallaby in Samson’s, the horse, paddock.

Organizing and reducing more than two hundred photos is a task in itself. I would have included the bush wallaby. I am surprised and pleased that they are around. If you were to look at the video, you will see a kookaburra on power lines with the escarpment in the background. Otherwise, Dexter and Hannah feature among the sunlight and shadows. The music is by Ken McLeod and is called “Easy Day”:

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, declared in his Margaret Thatcher lecture in London that the “wholesome instinct [of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’] is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error”.

Meanwhile, we ignore what is happening to our neighbour, Indonesia. As George Monbiot observed in The Guardian, as making the point these fires were deliberately lit:

It’s not just the trees that are burning. It is the land itself. Much of the forest sits on great domes of peat. When the fires penetrate the earth, they smoulder for weeks, sometimes months, releasing clouds of methane, carbon monoxide, ozone and exotic gases such as ammonium cyanide. The plumes extend for hundreds of miles, causing diplomatic conflicts with neighbouring countries.

Why is this happening? Indonesia’s forests have been fragmented for decades by timber and farming companies. Canals have been cut through the peat to drain and dry it. Plantation companies move in to destroy what remains of the forest to plant monocultures of pulpwood, timber and palm oil. The easiest way to clear the land is to torch it. Every year, this causes disasters. But in an extreme El Niño year like this one, we have a perfect formula for environmental catastrophe.

The scale of the disaster beggars belief. The impact on fauna, including the Orangutans is shocking. Adam Davey for ABC News reports:

The scale of this man-made disaster is immense.

One organisation, the Global Fires Emissions Database, estimates Indonesia has overtaken China and the United States to become the world’s biggest polluter.

It is extraordinary for a nation without major heavy industry and where most people cannot afford to drive cars.

Dexter and Hannah get me out, for which I should be grateful because it makes possible to connect, perhaps tenuously, to an ecological appreciation of reality.

Sinead O’Connor and Roger Waters pose the question: Mother shall I build a wall?

Walls, metaphysical and otherwise, are not the solutions to global climate change. It is surely indicative that Australia has recorded October heat records part of a consistent overall pattern, but to act might be “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”.



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