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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Within One Week October 11, 2015

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The creek dried up at the crossing this week. It was flowing, then we had some exceptionally hot days for this early in October.

The temperature was 35 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and the next day it was 32 degrees. This was far too hot for me. I took water. Dexter and Hannah had their tongues out. Then the weather cooled dramatically.

This experience is a reminder that climate change has multiple implications. Bleaching of corals and bushfires (or wildfires)are evidence respectively of the damage caused to life support systems in the oceans and on the land. I would envisage that base level of the oceans will have a disproportionate influence of coastal and alluvial land. I was affected by the hot weather. It is an interesting corrective to learn not all Scandinavian scholars are climate deniers. Some are offered greater inducements than others. The University of Western Australia must be breathing more easily after standing up for academic standards.

The forecast is for a “Gonzilla El Nino”. We ignore climate change at our peril and now we face the peril. I am engaging in wishful thinking and┬áhoping for the best. A dry spring and hot summer sounds like bad news. I will accept full responsibility if anything were to happen, and I had not taken appropriate actions.

The fact that the creek dried up so quickly was something that I thought might happen. This does not mean that the creek is not running, which it is a short distance upstream.

Originally, it was possible to put a few photos. Now I have to make up a video. The music is by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena and is called, “The Creek”(which I have used before):

Ruth Moody and band got a gig in February on the ABC’s Music Show:



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