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Invention of a Languge October 9, 2015

Posted by wmmbb in Cultural cognition.

Languages are not just pronunciation and vocabularies. They are also grammars, which amount to ways of thinking about the world and making sense of relationships.

If we were dropped fencing into our conversation, we will know what type of fencing we are talking about, and if we did not we would have a problem of understanding or engaging in a joke.

Grammar might be seen as an essential ingredient of the context setting process, which makes meaning possible in spoken and written forms. The English language, as other languages, has a historical context in which it is framed and formed. The evidence that Anglo-Saxon is not Modern English can be seen in this transliteration (not translation), although some words might be recognized.

There are sufficient written records to trace the invention of Modern English, but I think spoken forms are important. There is, and has been, diffusion and mixing in spoken English, the grammar has become set. In this account of The History of English, different spoken forms of English can be heard.

David Crystal discusses World Englishes for a Serbian audience:



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