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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG – Footsteps October 5, 2015

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Our presence in the landscape perishes almost as soon as we leave it. Dexter and Hannah don’t do photographs but relish the information that smells provide. Walking tourists might leave the occasional imprint from their shoes, which does not last, and that is about it.

The boys who build jumps for their bikes make a greater impression. They set to work with shovels to impress the landscape. Time will pass and they will lose interest. This indenture is in a landscape that once supported coal trains and the activity of the coal crusher. A less deformed land with original vegetation and fauna had been known to the stories of the Aboriginal people who lived on the land undisturbed for millennia.

As we follow the usual path, the past is most silent and hidden and our present will soon be past. Our footsteps will soon fade to be forgotten. In the meantime we have a few photos again this week, which if their transient was not sufficient are subjected to searing criticism. The music by Silent Partners is “Sawdust”:

To stretch a metaphor, it may be suggested that footprints are similar to dreams, that a fresh for a moment then fade away. Now if I dreamed I saw St Augustine, I might him riding on a hippopotamus – but that would be ridiculous. Joan Baez sang Bob Dylan’s song about the man from Hippo:



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