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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG – Day by Day Rain September 26, 2015

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We did not go out much this past week. Most days, with the exception of last Sunday, a gentle rain fell, which for some reason always brings to mind the quality of mercy. However, Dexter and Hannah did not feel twice blessed. There was no evidence that I noticed of whinging. Dogs can be problems at times, but they are not given to common human shortcomings.

I thought it was a bit tough walking over rocks and found the reason when I saw the hole in my shoes. Then I salvaged another pair but was dubious about the tread. When there is a lack of confidence in your footing, regardless of how well the dogs follow instructions, creates a feeling of uncertainty. I had to buy a new pair of shoes, so now there is less excuse to blame the rain.

The Vernal Equinox came and went on Wednesday, largely unacknowledged. I did read on Facebook that someone reported waking up at 4.55 am and reported hearing nothing.

In the SMH, Alan Ramsey suggests that Paul Keating had a role in encouraging Malcolm Turnbull to stay in politics. If so, I estimation of Keating is increased. It is not just Tony Abbott but the promotion his rise gave to the radicals masquerading as Liberals. Representative democracy has largely ceased to be – if it ever was. Every political system seems to reflect the same reality.

Chris Hedges has an extended interview with Sheldon Wolin, which among a host of issues addresses the question of the micro-segmentation of electorates, the essence of wedge politics.There is far more to be considered.It is interesting that innovation and climate change fundamentally challenges monopoly global Capitalism. Hierarchical systems are often antithetical to democratic citizenship.

Here are some photos set to Silent Partners version of “Strolling Through”, which I hope is not too jarring:


There was a time when Joan Baez had a fuller, and higher vocal range. Just now I have heard this song, which by its introduction might be appropriate, “One Too Many Mornings”:

Those people in the other hemisphere, across the equator, have got the seasons around about. However, now September is almost gone, there is a contrast here between Johnny and Rosanne Cash:



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