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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG – So Far, and So Near. September 20, 2015

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Since it is now Spring, the park was open on Saturday and we diverted up towards the dam. The steepest options were chosen and it proved more demanding than I was prepared for. Dexter and Hannah took it good stride and probably thought nothing of it, other than there was more of interest on the ground.

The consuming news this week was the change of prime minister. The polls suggested that most people were pleased by this turn in political fortune, but my immediate reaction when the news was confirmed was almost euphoria. This emotion did not match the level when Cathy Freeman won the gold medal but similar, but it did not last. When I heard that Turnbull was supporting climate change denial, my opinion changed 180 degrees. I still believe this development was a necessary qualitative change, but it remains extraordinary to me that elected representatives for a major political party so disconnected from what I would regard as mainstream opinion. There has to be structural and other reasons for this have occurred. Tony Abbott was a symptom, on this reading of events, and so there needs to be analysis as to what caused the disjunction between parliamentary representation  and the voters. If true, Australia has ceased to be a functioning democracy.

Fortunately, Dexter and Hannah have more immediate and more down to ground concerns and they again when walking. As is the habit there were a many photos, some of which ended up in this video. The music seems to fit. It is called, “Green Leaves” by Audionautix:

I had in mind Mark Knopfler’s, “So Far from Me” when I came up with the title for this week. He sings with Emmylou Harris:


I had not realized that Mya had a memorial, which for me brings back memories of her.



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