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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Then Came the Rain August 30, 2015

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Installing Windows 10 proved more than I had envisaged. As a new system, very few people, and of course least of all me, knew what was going on. I would have to say I was totally deluded in relation to system operator and computer drivers. Through a multitude of missteps, and an odd part of good fortune, my system in now reinstalled. I would like to say that I am now reinvigorated, but that seems far from true. I seemed to have drained away.

Meanwhile in the outer world last week it was pouring down, causing widespread flooding, fortunately for the most part elsewhere. The creek was in full flood on Wednesday, and while Dexter, Hannah and I went to look at it, we did not cross it. The exercise of discretion can be a good thing. The creek flow ebbs away very quick from it peak level.

“The Conversation”, quoted Janice Lloyd in relation to aggression and dominance in dogs:

“Most aggressive behaviour seen in dogs is caused by fear and/or anxiety rather than dominance. It would be ill-advised for a dog owner to think that there was one or two dog postures identified in the paper that would be most likely to predict a dog that was about to be aggressive,” she said.

Visual cues that indicate fear include blinking, licking, turning away, moving away and – if the perceived threat is not removed – growling, snapping and possibly biting, she said.

“My advice is for dog owners to learn as much as they can about canine body language and avoid putting their dogs into situations where the ‘ladder of aggression’ may escalate. If owners believe that an individual dog has a ‘dominance-trait’ that drives it to achieve a high rank, this might lead to coercive and punishment-based techniques, in order for the owner to erroneously try to ‘show the dog who is boss’, which can exacerbate the problem and ruin the owner-pet relationship.”

Some things are good with the computer, and some not. I had some difficulty in posting to You Tube, which I eventually achieved using Movie Maker. That option proved very time consuming, requiring each photo to be placed in sequence. So here it is with the song “Empire” performed by Silent Partner:

I have been listening to Ruth Moody. Here she is with Mark Knopfler, singing “Pockets” that is apparently about people and not technological intermediaries:



1. wmmbb - August 31, 2015

Prior to installing Windows 10, and while I was still able, despite the shortcomings in the operation of my computer, I could have referred to the relevant You Tube videos.

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