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Hannah’s 4th Anniversay August 28, 2015

Posted by wmmbb in Blogging in general.

Hannah made herself at home from the beginning. Now that seems to be four years ago. Where has the time gone? I imagine chances are that her life has improved, possibly a testament to her optimism.

She was born something around Wagga Wagga. Then she went to university at an early age. Any trace of her owners, let alone her parents has been lost. She then travelled by truck and ended up down the corner and across the creek. Whether, she knows it or not, her future intersected with the internet. So four years ago she travelled the final section of her journey.

Just to prove that Hannah is still in top form, I put some photos together:

Without the internet connection and the software platforms that give it utility, Hannah’s life might now be very different. I have had to recognize the significance of the same technology since last Wednesday when I began the journey represented by installing Windows 10. It has not proved to be free. Ultimately, Microsoft has come to the rescue, after experiencing repeated crashes, workarounds that seemed to work, reliance of people who were flummoxed by new technology they did not understand, and what I thought a rash decision to delete one of my critical programs that just happened to hold all my passwords. The experience was stressful, so I decided to take it easy.

Anyway for Hannah and me, while we “are alive let there be peace”. Ruth Moody sings “Far and Wide”:



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