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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG – Tangents August 8, 2015

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This week we followed a new path to a familiar area. We visited the old mine dam. It was in parts a climb, but we all seemed to be able to take it in our stride. I heard a chain saw and voices through the trees, and it was a good idea to avoid any problems that might otherwise arise.

The relationship between human and dogs is long enduring based it seems on mutual benefits. According to The Bark:

To dog people, the emotional, physical and even spiritual benefits of canine relationships tend to be obvious. These benefits feel as real to us as the saliva-soaked tennis ball we’re holding in our hands. That’s why it can be so hard to understand why the non-dog world hasn’t caught on to all these life-altering advantages. Even worse is the fact that many people who have never lived with a dog seem to think we may be making all this up—that the only place these benefits exist is in our heads.

Thanks to a special report from Harvard Medical School (HMS), we now have something important to share with these nonbelievers—proof! Get Healthy, Get a Dog is the first publication to compile hundreds of research studies from around the world that document the physical and psychological benefits of dog ownership. Taken together, these studies provide the most complete picture yet of the many ways in which dogs enrich human life: from lower cholesterol and improved cardiovascular health to weight loss, companionship, defense against depression and longer lifespans.

Dogs think, I am sure, that humans should keep out of dog business, since they mostly do not understand it. As for the exercise aspect, it is undoubtedly the case that I would not do the little exercise involved in taking Dexter and Hannah out. That would be pretty bad. They expect to be taken out.

There were a few photos of our daily trips, compressed into a video. It used to be possible to load them, but this function was taken away. Beethoven and the Moonlight Sonata is very recognizable – sometimes the choices are non-existent.

None of our dogs have been named Boo. But, Lobo might be a good name – wolf in Spanish.


Chapters might have been a misnomer. It does apply to The History of English in Ten Minutes from the Open University.



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