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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Any Road July 19, 2015

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I don’t remember having a winter this cold. Sure, this is a limited memory. I have heard stories of other places where it is now and was colder by far.

Dexter and Hannah have not communicated that they have found it excessively cold. They then to accept things, although they would have preferred to go out more. The paradigm must be changing when dogs are recognized as experiencing emotions and behaving as sentient beings, as if those attributes are distinctly human experiences.

I imagine that Dexter and Hannah’s experience of going out on a walk is almost completely different. I have learnt to trust their sense of hearing and observe their body language. Let’s hope that it is true that I have learnt to be proactive for any eventuality that may unfold. It was confronting on one level to be told by a woman we met, and who had she said had to let her dogs off, to go back. No problems we retreated, and were able to see her pass with one dog at least.

In these cases any path, any road will do find. After the rain this week the creek was flowing again. And the photos represent a record. The music makes a difference when I view the video. At least it is sort of on theme: “The Road Back to You” by Silent Partner:

The irony of the weather is perhaps that the places that should be cold are not as cold as they once were. It should not be surprising that the problems implied by climate change and global warming are diverse. Perhaps it is past time to take a road that does leads somewhere.

Perhaps George Harrison is a prophet for our times:



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