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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Here comes the Rain July 12, 2015

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There are no enough responses for the survey to have any credibility, but recently in conversation I have been masking the assumption that Bureau of Meteorology forecasts are accurate. None of my interlocutors have contradicted the assumption.

Although colder than usual in my opinion at least, the weather around mid-day was sunny, and yet repeatedly over the past few days, when rain was forecasted, rain came. I suppose that more can potentially happen over the long term, more variability is possible than over a short time span of five to six days. Since we live in the time of climate change, although it does not meet immediate practical needs and would be a departure form the weather report norms, I would like to see more reference to the bigger picture. This might include some informed opinion as to why the cold fronts are forming, and what they might portend.

Notwithstanding, the dog walker was able to get going and out on most days in the past week. The creek has noticeably retracted from a tickle to not flowing at the crossing and the rain made little difference to this state of affairs. It seems that Dexter and Hannah have other interests. These were mostly not captured by this week’s photos sequenced as they now have to be into a video. The music is called “Court and Page” by Silent Partner:

The interview of Gill Hicks by Emma ALberici on Lateline caught my attention. Now I can watch some television, such as Q&A, if I chose to through my computer. Gill Hicks is a survivor of the 2005 bombing of London transport – trains and one bus. This week was the 10th Anniversary. She lost both legs. This among other observations is of interest:

EMMA ALBERICI: How are you more generally?

GILL HICKS: Um … great. Great. I’m very – I’m very lucky to be here. As each year passes, and we’re coming up to the 10th anniversary, I think I notice that I’m getting angrier and angrier and that’s a really strange position to be in. But …

EMMA ALBERICI: Because you’re noted for your positivity.

GILL HICKS: But it’s a positive anger. That’s what’s interesting for me, that there’s this rising anger that just says: what are we doing? How much can we be doing? What should I be doing? How am I making a difference? 10 years has passed. What’s changed? So there’s this pressure and this frustration.

Would it be better if more people, not excluding me, were similarly angry? My experience, for example, at getting angry at the Federal Government is as futile as they are. Ultimately tunnel-vision and scapegoating, although tried and true are extremely limited.

I don’t think this is a revolution. We are talking about a paradigm shift which seems to be step beyond conscious understanding. The parallel is similar to the printing revolution with multiple copies and later mass production contingent on the slow increase in literacy. The internet has provided technical capability. The question is, for example in relation to Climate Change, will conscious awareness in the face of media manipulation, the underlying rationale for control, flow over technological capacity. Nonetheless, in 2007, Tracy Chapman was “talking about revolution”, “it sounds like a whisper”, and “finally the tables are starting to turn”:



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