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Apparently it is not uncommon for planetary orbits to seem to merge together. Jupiter and Venus were gradually merging during June unknown to me. Jupiter is twelve times the distance from the Earth than Venus. (I am told that Venus is the larger image.) The convergence occurred on June 30. I had both noticed the two bright objects in the evening sky and it had been brought to my attention. The camera to my surprise was able to catch the images, and in these cases they are not street lights.

Dexter and Hannah are wholly concerned, unlike human beings, with been grounded and getting out, which they did for the most part. The weather continues to be cold, especially at night. Somewhere, but not here perhaps, I heard the temperature was 6 degrees Celsius.

This week’s video is far longer than intended and is accompanied by Mozart’s 29 Symphony. This music is reportedly able to reduce blood pressure, so perhaps it may be a form of therapy:

As Dr Brigitte Knopf observes at Real Climate, “The heavens belong to us all”. There are three aspects of the Pope’s recent encyclical that she says are particularly noteworthy:

1. it is based unequivocally on the scientific consensus that global warming is taking place and that climate change is man-made; it rejects the denial of anthropogenic warming;

2. it unmasks the political and economic structures of power behind the climate change debate and stresses the importance of non-state actors in achieving change; and

3. it defines the atmosphere and the environment as a common good rather than a “no man’s land”, available for anyone to pollute. This underlines that climate change is strongly related to the issues of justice and property rights.

With Jupiter and Venus coming together, observed around the world, reminds us that we are not simply locally grounded. Mountains are supposed to be permanent, not so glaciers. Yet, as the evidence shows here, the coal from mined despite the escarpment’s granite and other rock formation. Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell sing “Higher Mountains”:



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