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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Winter Solstice June 28, 2015

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The Winter Solstice came and went this past week. The Southern Hemisphere expression does not seem to be given the same significance as that in the Northern Hemisphere. It is not associated, for example, with Christmas, the dying sun and the rising sun. Still, it may be expected that the weather might start to get warmer from here on. And what will follow?

Tim Radford reports, “Australia faces stormy future as temperatures soar”:

New research into storm patterns warns that flash floods are likely to sweep across the Australian landscape with increasing intensity, particularly in urban or residential areas.

Peak rainfall is predicted to soar with rising surface temperatures as the world’s largest island—and also its smallest continent—experiences ever greater extremes of heat.

Civil engineers from the Water Research Centre at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) report in Nature Geoscience that they looked at 40,000 storms across the whole of the continent over the last 30 years and identified a pattern that warmer temperatures are linked to disruptive rainfall events.

“Our results were consistent across all the climate zones in Australia, regardless of season or storm type, without exception,” says Professor Ashish Sharma, one of the study’s authors.

“This was an unexpected finding, and it supports our hypothesis that increasing temperatures are changing rainfall patterns. It means that most people in Australia can expect to see intensification in the magnitude of flash flooding in smaller catchments, particularly in urban or residential areas.”

The researchers worked from data from the 500 largest storms as measured by total rainfall at 79 locations. They looked not so much at the total volume of rainfall during a storm as at the pattern of intensity of rainfall at 12-minute intervals during each storm’s duration.

“It’s very likely these same trends will be observed around the world.”

They projected their findings into a hotter world and calculated that a 5°C rise in temperatures could be accompanied by up to 20% more flood peaks in urban catchment areas. Some cities could experience much worse: for Perth, the rise is projected at 10%, for Sydney 12%, and for Darwin a whopping 45%.

Australia is a landscape of extremes of heat and drought and occasional devastating flood. It is also a land of paradox.

Its own scientists have calculated that the island’s most recent and devastating heatwaves are a clear consequence of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, yet the government that finances such research has questioned the validity of its climate science and encouraged the increase of emissions.

I have a greater concern with bushfires. Dexter and Hannah like the idea of going for a walk. This is equally true of Pepe next door. The photos accumulate. A lack of editing perhaps, but this weeks collection allows for Huma-Huma’s rendition of “Clouds”, which in my opinion is not too bad compared to alternatives.

Weather, if not climate, is always invested with memory and symbolism. James Taylor’s song has an apposite title, “Fire and Rain”:



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