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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG – Cold Week with Rain June 21, 2015

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You are probably of the opinion that nothing much happens. Yes and No.  The weather was mostly wet through the week. In lots of ways boring is good.

Last Sunday I lost my keys to the back gate and had to go around the street. I was not trusting the dogs, or well organized, but at the same time concerned about what could happen. On the way home it was a lot better.

When I look at the photos for this week, I am happy with the result. Of course there are always blues that can be identified. The music is limited as are the alternative choices.

NASA produced an interesting video, “A Week in the Life of Rain”:

The still larger picture was presented by Pope Francis’ official release on his pastoral encyclical the Bishops and everybody calling for dialogue on Climate Change and related matters, particularly global inequality and poverty, which will at issue in the upcoming Paris Conference on the Parties to the UNCCC. That Convention is now 23 years old and the World waits for an effective Protocol to deal with climate crisis. Ecumunical in spirit the encylical was released at the start of Ramadan. we might pay attention to “the care of our common home“.

I cannot resist noting, some Medieval History sticks, that Francis of Assisi’s father was a merchant who travelled between what might have then being called Francia and Northern Italy. The meeting in Paris at least works on the symbolic level.

Interesting that Ali al-Khawas gets a mention. Who knew that Sufism and dialogue were to be part of the paradigm change that Climate Change always implied.

“The initiate will capture what is being said when the wind blows, the trees sway, water flows, flies buzz, doors creak, birds sing, or in the sound of strings or flutes, the sighs of the sick, the groans of the afflicted.”

The uninitiate will probably take photos. Dexter and Hannah fit into this picture, as do we all, even if unwittingly we remain oblivious. The alternative may be the Sixth Mass Extinction, in which at first imperceptibly, the layer interconnecting layers of life are kicked out from below, as may happen with Coral Reefs and related organisms and interdependent species with the increasing acidification of the oceans.

Emmylou Harris, or was it that mystic Bob Dylan recognized a voice within:



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