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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: “Handle With Care” June 13, 2015

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Of course, it is not just Dexter and Hannah that need to be handled with care. We might just have got the hang of getting in and out of the new harnesses, mentioned last week.

The same applies to people. On our walks we never know who we might meet. For example, one person with we cross paths, in response to my request as to which way he going replied: “Mind your own business”. I won’t say what I said. It was probably not nice – and where did that come from?

This afternoon as we were coming back before crossing the creek, we meet a young man with his dog. I gathered he was unable to talk, but was convivial. I had planted a stick on the embankment ahead of time, and was able to step down into the creek bed and proceed problem free.

In another occasion this week, Pepe, the dog was next door suddenly ran out throw the back gate along with the chooks. Then he ran up to Dexter and Hannah. I was in shock as was the neighbour. She called Pepe. He turned back and went inside the fence.

Recently, I have been involved at looking at Climate Change. It is a very inherently, interesting subject, and the question arises as to what is to be done. The answer, if the current preparatory meeting ahead of Paris Conference of Parties 21 is not very much. John Queally at Common Dreams reports:

International climate talks continue, but it is the action (or lack thereof) that humanity needs to worry about.

As representatives from nearly all the world’s nations meet in Bonn, Germany this week with the aim of building a framework for a final deal that can be signed at the UN climate summit in Paris later this year, voices from the least developed countries and members of civil society are warning that the major powers are still offering far too little in the way of meaningful action.

According to the sharpest critics of the largest polluting nations—which includes the U.S., Canada, China, and the European Union—a continued failure to make bold and enforceable reductions of greenhouse gas emissions should be considered nothing less than a “crime against humanity.” . . .

Last week, just ahead of the talks, Reuters spoke with several experts who said the mood behind closed doors was somber as many admit privately that the agreed target of the UN-member states of limiting global temperature increases this century to no more than 2°C (2 degrees Celsius or 2C) is simply no longer attainable given the level of commitments currently on the table.

“It’s just not feasible,” Oliver Geden, of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, told Reuters in discussion of the target. “Two degrees is a focal point for the climate debate but it doesn’t seem to be a focal point for political action.”

And David Victor, a professor of international relations at the University of California, San Diego, told the news agency that he predicts the 2C goal will slip away despite the public assurances by negotiators and other government officials that it is still alive. For the idea of holding temperatures below 2C, said Victor, “Paris will be a funeral without a corpse.”

Handling the ecology and atmosphere would be a radical change in both story and practce. One event on the horizon is the first ever encyclical to be issued on the environment by Pope Francis. As Reynard Loki notes in AlterNet:

The landmark document is expected to be issued sometime this summer, and perhaps even later this month, with the title “Laudato Sii” (“Praised Be You”), taken from the pope’s namesake St. Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun, which praises God for creation, and the subtitle “Sulla cura della casa commune” (“On the care of the common home”). Published around the year 1224, St. Francis’ prayer reads: “Be praised, my Lord, through all Your creatures, especially through my lord Brother Sun,” and continues to praise God for “Sister Moon,” “Brothers Wind and Air,” “Sister Water,” “Brother Fire, and “Mother Earth.”

As a theme “care of the common home” might be adopted more widely. At least this week with a similar title, we hope the theme was evident. I know these videos are little repetitive, but you will never guess what problems were involved in getting this together this week. The music by Silent Partner is “Get Back Up”:

I cannot officially use Handle With Care, by the Travelling Wilbury’s, featuring George Harrison and Roy Orbison:

There is no expectation, despite admonishments directed at others, that the Australian Government in a fit would change from being “leaners” to be “lifters” in relation to COP21 in Paris.



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