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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: New Outfits June 8, 2015

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Last week all of us went out of the dog walk. Dexter and Hannah had new harnesses. Of course, it one thing to have new outfits: it is another to get them into them. There are no instructions, so it is made up. It may not be evident in the photos but it was a break from the routine while following familiar paths.

Usually I get this done within a day at minimum. Despite repeated attempts, I could not get the photo video to upload to You Tube. I tried a few things, without wanting to turn off settings. Eventually, I thought it is either the program I am using, or there is a problem with my computer. So for the first time, I used Movie Maker.

That all worked, and here is the result. The music is by Huma-Huma, “Pachabelly”, which is a bit of a change:

There were other options I coudl have pursued. There is a more random selection process than usual.

I forget to add the usual music video, Last week it was going to Mark Knopfler, “In the Sky”:

There was a reason for this selection. I was going to add some photos I took of the evening sky. Obviously, i was distracted and did not get around to it. This video was an exercise in remembering how to use the software and might be a little boring – other than for cloud affectionadoes.



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