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Memories fade, and sometimes they are lost. Digital photography mostly tends to stick around. I did lose some photos this week which cannot be replaced. The photos I use are very few compared to what was available. What is presented is an edited version, mixed together.

I suppose that forgetting is an internal editor to avoid information overload. That may well be necessary, but it is interesting to reflect that two people walking through the same space may have very different impressions and interpretations and subsequently memories.

Human Beings may have similarities with other animals, but they will sense the environment differently. Dexter and Hannah will be more attuned to what can be smelt and heard. They would be less impressed with photos as a form of consensus reality, although that it subject to manipulations. I don’t engage too much, and the camera has limitations. However, Hannah compared to Dexter is often more difficult to see.

Of the weather, I have almost no memory. I have to read what happened:

Three days of heavy rain in mid-April were enough to make it Sydney’s wettest autumn in 12 years but conditions have largely dried up since.

By Sunday morning, the city’s rain gauges will have collected about 542mm of rain, or about 40 per cent more than a typical autumn. About half that total fell during the 72-hour drenching, Rob Sharpe, a Weatherzone meteorologist, said.

Winter will get off to a brisk but largely dry start, with a maximum of 18 degrees forecast for Sunday and then 17 degrees for the first five days of June.

The Bureau of Meteorology has a full suite of climate forecasting and modelling of expected weather patterns. I suspect that the onset of El Nino may introduce a degree of unpredictability, which is the implication of living inside a climate experiment.

Dexter and Hannah have the singular merit that they do not get involved in misinformed climate change denial disputes. They focus on what is directly ahead of them. Appropriately this week accompanies this admittedly cooked record with “Don’t Turn Back”. (I should apologize to Samson the horse for catching in the glare of the flash):

That might be too heavy-handed, so as a form of respite let’s see if this works, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell singing “Higher Mountains”:

Perhaps it good that people such as Gram Parsons (as a comment suggests) are remembered. As for May, a month caught not well in fading memory, and now she is gone for this year.



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