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Last week was not particularly active. The dogs stayed at homes for half the week. It is hard to remember but there was probably enough rain to justify this state of affairs. Dexter and Hannah took that in their stride, but it did not deter them there would be more opportunities to venture out.

Once upon a time, before the arrival of Europeans and their mercenary attitude to the land and their industrial capacity to change parts of it beyond recognition, the land on which we tread, allowing for its various transformations ,  would have been under the providence of the indigenous people. The depredations of the Europeans,mostly but perhaps not entirely disconnected from their own tribal past of as the tenants of nature, were extensive including logging out of the Red Cedars,the driving deep into the side of the hill of mine shafts to remove both coal and rocks, the movement of stuff around, the building of train tracks, with there attendant carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and the introduction of exotic animals.

The original people were removed from the land, their ancestral roots, their stories and their meaning. The Europeans had brought the brutality directed to their own aboriginals, and doubtless their own keepers of the stones. What is shocking is that this process of alienation continues. There is poignancy in the heading in The Guardian, “If Aboriginal People are forced off their land, you will pass on their stories.”

Obviously we should honour the people, including the indigenous people and the coal miners. “Calm” is the music performed by Silent Partner:

John Williamson provided the inspiration. He says it far better than I can:




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