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I don’t know what the dogs think. I don’t fully appreciate their sensual space. They presumably are not totally conditioned, or instinctual. Maybe they live in the moment and have full awareness. Then again like humans they grow old, which ought to give any being a sense of the past.

Answers to these and similar questions are unknown, but if the photographic evidence and its interpretation is even partially reliable, there are times when they enjoy themselves. As it turns out there were too many photographs this week. The bonus for this decision is that the music selection, although very limited to three options, was improved. I chose Beethoven’s, Moonlight Sonata. The levels of the creek has fallen noticeably from the flood level it reached last week.

So here is the video:

I am not sure that domestic dogs could be rewilded to be able to survive independently in a non-human habitat, but perhaps they have the residual capacity. A Chinese women succeeded in re-wilding a wolf cub, who recognized her as mother.The story at White Wolf Pack includes a video:

Discarding a comfortable city life and donning comfortable Tibetan robe, artist Li Weiyi sweated and shivered for months on the vast grasslands in northwest China, rewilding a wolf cub she had saved on a sketching trip.

For seven months, she lived, ate and slept “like a mother wolf” with her cub named Green (Ge Lin), first in a mastiff kennel, then in the deep grasslands, leading the young wolf back to the wild, and finally a pack.

The Sichuan native, 31, is the first recorded person in China who has raised a wolf to survive in the wild. The gray wolf, now two and a half years old, has been back in the wild for nine months with Li on the rewilding project. He has been on his own since then for 21 months.

Li says he was alive in May because a Tibetan herder checks occasionally and photographs Green with his distintive prints and markings.

This drama is unfolding near Zoige town in Zoige grassland on the northwest Sichuan Plateau. The grassland is in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, adjacent to Gansu Province.

Li herself last saw him in February 2011, attacking a yak herd with his pack. He came to her and licked her face before returning to his pack.

Green and Mum.

Dexter and Hannah are not wolves, but they have “Days Like This”. Van Morrison got there before us:



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