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FRIDAY NIGHT DOG BLOG: Getting Out April 18, 2015

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It was not a particularly slow week, but it was wet for the most part, although on Thursday the temperature reached 31 degrees Celsius (about 90 degrees Fahrenheit). One of these days puns will not feature here.

I continue to be amazed at how satisfying it apparently is for Dexter and Hannah to sniff the ground. This may mean that other dogs have passed by. There are cases, subject to training where this capability is very useful. For example at airports, but also it turns out in the wilderness, such as the those In the Himalayas.

Hearing and smell are obviously important to both Dexter and Hannah, but the eyes have it as well. Both Dogs are Man’s Best Friend Due to a Hormone The Guardian and Scientific American reported that through looking directly into the eyes, both dogs and humans release hormones that both create a bond and maintain it. Alice Matthews for ABC’s PM  reported one experienced dog trainer, Scott Donald. suggests that dogs should be treated as dogs, not humans. He said:

. . . he has seen increasing obedience problems as a result of owners treating their dogs too much like humans.

“I saw a photo of a [client’s] dog on a lounge at home. He had no intentions of getting off the lounge and they were all going to work and he had his spot for the day,” Mr Donald said.

“But he was a rottweiler. What happens is ultimately he may end up defending his little area.”

He added that there was nothing wrong with treating a dog like a dog.

“They need to know where they fit and what you want for them. They’ll do anything for you, they just need to know and it’s up to you to train that,” Mr Donald said.

“Otherwise their instinct just takes over — their natural canine instinct — and if we don’t guide them sometimes the natural instinct is too strong and in some cases unacceptable.”

During training, people should not rush to stare into the eyes of their four-legged friends, according to Mr Donald.

In some cases, too much eye contact can agitate dominant breeds, or overly excite the boisterous ones.

“I would teach people to practise no eye contact throughout certain training exercises because the eye contact has such a strong outcome for dogs,” he said.

Whether or not, Mr Donald is right, it still an illustration of confusing scientific research with expert judgement.

The woman who displayed ingenuity and kindness by faking an injury to rescue a staving dog, did not rely on expert or scientific advice, but her intuition worked. They could not be mistaken for one another, yet to what extent are dogs similar to humans and how do they differ?

Dexter and Hannah get treated like dogs. The background music, “Tonto”, is by Silent Partner:

Next Saturday is ANZAC Day, doubtless war worship, will be back in vogue – and the band might play Waltzing Matilda. The song is sung by John Williamson:



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