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The creek is not running at the crossing, but the rain has been falling. So in the immediate future, it is to be expected that Dexter and Hannah will be stopping for a drink.

Future forecasting is often made on the assumption that the unexpected does not happen. Dogs are also subject to cancer. Dexter remains strong. Here are a list of signs that may indicate cancer in dogs, starting with a Puritan euphemism:

* Trouble going to the bathroom
* Swelling
* Bad breath
* Lameness that comes on suddenly
* Stools that are tarry and black
* Sores that don’t seem to go away
* Lumps
* Sudden weight loss
* Loss of appetite
* Abnormal discharge (from anywhere on the body)
* Loss of energy/sudden lethargy
* Difficulty breathing

Judith Tarr in Nelson, New Zealand, has come up with a dog biscuit that is both nutritious and addresses the problem of dental health. Furthermore, her product has genuinely locally produced ingredients:

Dog breath is normally cause to keep a safe distance from our furry friends, but Nelson woman Jude Tarr is getting up close and personal by developing a dog biscuit that will keep dog teeth – and breath – in check.

Her new dog food company, Barking Brilliant, has developed its first dog food treat called Fabulous Fangs – Dog Dental Delight, which is designed to be fed daily.

The biscuit includes active ingredients of seaweed and thyme, which are beneficial for teeth. The ingredients are New Zealand sourced.

“I was really fed up because we are a food producing nation yet a lot of [our food] is coming from overseas countries,” said Tarr.

Using locally sourced products gives her business a point of difference, she said. Biscuits are baked in a local oven, using eggs from Hope, pumpkin from Gisborne and seaweed from Port Underwood in Marlborough and the Akaroa coastline.

“The seaweed here is such a resource and we’re really not tapping into it,” she said.

The biscuits are technically vegetarian, which may sound odd to dog owners, said Tarr.

Food labeling could do with improving, and hopefully that initiative will be realized to benefit of local producers. In this case, Gisborne is a bit of a stretch. By contrast the data retention laws that foisted on the population on the basis of the fear of terrorism as insidious. Let’s just be oblivious to the inherent dangers and see how that goes. One axiomatic effect of the internet has made networking more effective, which can be very beneficial to shelter dogs. Chester got lucky.

Dexter and Hannah got luck as well. They were rescued from an alternative fate. Hannah’s story is quite involved since she came from Wagga Wagga. She has been waging since, sometimes rather vigorously. Her colour is designed to blend her into the environment – which it does successfully. I was not completely unhappy with this weeks photo record, which look better at full screen:

Here’s to you Dexter, Neil Young’s song to his car, sung by Emmylou Harris:



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