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A taxi driver told me that forgetting is God’s blessing. I wondered how that works, particularly when at the time I had forgotten something I should have remembered.

Obviously we would quickly arrive at information overload if we remembered every detail. Photos are good for detail, often requiring time and context to be inferred. The driver suggested a deeper meaning in which enmities between people were possible to be put aside.
Dexter and Hannah’s photos of their outgoings along the tracks, in the bush and on the rocks are a record of events. When they are compiled they loss context and time. The coolness of the evenings has arrived with the change in the relationship in the angle of incidence between Sun and Earth and the length of the days, but the warm days continue. The fact the creek is not running along it’s length may be due to local factors, despite the rain we have had.

I was satisfied with how things worked out this time. Come to think of it there is not much focusing, but much forgetting. The music,played by Silent Partner, is “How it Began”:

“Belgium’s Got Talent got an unlikely contestant who the judging panel appeared to be delighted with: A pet dog, Lady Xena, accompanied by a backing track of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, did his own tearful rendition of the song.” I am not sure what is going on here in dog terms, except it had Hannah’s full attention. She is not reacting in any way similar to the humans.



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