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Unlike in the other hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox does not seem to be a big deal. Surely, it must mark the last of summer, and the underlying menace of bushfires. Yet the weather has been warm and sunny. When overcast it has been humid.

It seemed quite a week for solar events. There was the equinox, a super moon, and the Aurora Australis got into the act.

As seen from Goulburn (via ABC Illawarra)




And as seen from the south coast of Western Australia (via ABC Goldfields):




Needless to observe, as far as I could tell these events escaped Dexter and Hannah’s attention. Their field of reference was closer to the ground. In the case of Hannah it was a bread roll which she managed to capture. Of course when I was looking but when it was too late.

As usual we followed the usual routines and path taking the photos. The creek has not flowed now for weeks. I wondering what local factors could be involved and whether it is possible for this to have a wider significance. The music this week is by the 126ers and is called, “Lonesome Avenue”:



The obvious point of difference between the industrial world view and that of indigenous peoples is that they had a integrated story of their world. Everything was interrelated and connected. We self-described superior people perhaps do not comprehend at essence of our being that if the trees and plants did not produce oxygen we would be quickly die.


If indeed, we have “an optical delusion of separation”, one ingredient is Society – our social and cultural conditioning, and our understanding of knowledge and truth. It seems that Eddie Vedder was on the case:



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