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Of all the weather options, rain is one of the better options. And we had a few wet days this week. That is part of the reason Dexter and Hannah did not go out at much as they would have liked.

I have been in thunder storms and I know what they are like. I am not so good at running these days. There were two storms forecast this week, but fortunately we did not bear any of the impact other than distant thunder. We got rain.

The dogs seemed to have survived their comparative inactivity. I wonder whether it is the exercise they seek or a more diverse olfactory sensations. The opportunity exists to train dogs to sense landmines and forms of cancer. That little dog I remember seeing at Auckland Airport may have been there to detect drugs.

Our relationship with Dexter and Hannah is not as complicated and involved as others have with their dogs. The suggestion is made that since Hannah never does what she is told, it is my fault. But when we are out, she is more likely to fall in behind me than Dexter. The fact that dogs would be allowed into prisons allowing inmates to have a relationship with them is extraordinary.

Even with the reduced number of photos, from what might have been, it still takes some effort to create the video and select the music. Of course, I realize it is of no interest to anybody. “Log Cabin” is performed by Silent Partner. Otherwise:

John Fogarty, and Credence Clearwater, sang, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”. A question which the past week provides an affirmative answer.The 7th of March also marked the 50th Anniversary of the Selma, Alabama civil rights march across the Edmund Pettus bridge that resulted in an extravagant violent response by the upholders of law and order. John Legend and Common perform “Glory”:

Fiction and documentary recreations have their particular strengths. They are both seen through a lens of interpretation. “Eyes on the Prize” is also worth a look.

Dexter and Hannah listen to all of this with equanimity and indulgence.



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