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Posted by wmmbb in The Neighbours.

Just on the factual situation was it the case the drugs were sourced in Indonesia and the intention was to import them into Australia? What drugs were involved? Was it heroin, cocaine meth (ice) or marijuana?

There is the issue of capital punishment which is cruel and barbarous. On the other hand what country what other country would allow drug smuggles to rehabilitate themselves?

It seems the internal politics and history around drug production and the transit of drugs is very involved as suggested by this article in Brookings.

One thing I noticed, and it might be a valid comparison, before the outbreak of Ebola, Gambia was a tropical tourist magnet for Europeans. Similarly tropical and they also apply capital punishment for drug smugglers.

SBS Dateline answered many of my questions:

There is according to The Sydney Morning Herald one case between them and their execution, which will be both barbaric and political. Similarly, Jewel Topsfield in The Age is similarly pessimistic. Interesting, should this unfold how it illustrates that violence is evidence of weakness.

Barry Jones in The Conversation indicates the claim that the drugs were being imported is misrepresented for local consumption and for political purposes. The “kingpins” he suggests are never apprehended.



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