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And in our case not far away, but near by. I am not meeting the suggested minimum of walking three kilometers each day and probably for Dexter and Hannah this might be a greater distance. Still for Dexter and myself, we were are not as young as we once were.

This shows itself in a number of ways. What might be presented visually as the same old repetitive thing is not as it appears to be presented. Some events have low likelihood yet they have to be on the radar. One day this week our paths crossed with three dogs. Sometimes the dogs don’t react, but at other times they do. They are responding to cues, including one I generate, that I do not appreciate. The worst case occurs when a dog comes up behind you, as they are prone to do, and I have not seen the dogs, and have not reigned in Dexter and Hannah.

Other animals are seen, but I am so captivated by them, and keeping in mind how the dogs may respond that I don’t take a photograph. I saw a what I took as a fox this week from a distance while sitting on the rock, which Dexter and Hannah usually pose on. Luckily, Dexter and Hannah were behind the rock on the ground. To my eyes it looked young. It was tan and white. I did not notice the bushy tail. These animals are extraordinary graceful in their movement. This characteristic has been noticed by others. Indigenous North Americans associate foxes with balance and harmony.

The photos were mostly taken with the Dexter and Hannah with full leads. Last week i was criticized for music selection, so this time I chose “Nadia’s Theme” played by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena:

And the theme was taken from Laudon Wainwrigh’s song “Over the Hill”. The lyrics are poetic:

Once you were a young man,
But now you are old – you’re over the hill.
And you can’t cross the palm of time’s hand
With silver and gold to make him stand still.

Who could have possibly thought
It would go so fast, but it certainly did.
And now you find yourself caught
With less future than past – you’re no longer a kid.

Once, as a boy, time weighed heavy on your hands –
You couldn’t wait to be a man.

Now you cry – oh, it’s so hard to laugh,
And you can’t understand why you can’t turn time around.
Your hourglass once had a top half
That was filled full of sand, but it’s all trickled down.

He sings with Kate McGarrigle:



1. wmmbb - March 8, 2015

I have inadvertently discovered it is so much better to read the lyrics before listening to the song.

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