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Of course, if I compared the weather experienced over the past week, with the record created over the past years together with the historical record of the Bureau of Meteorology, a better of idea of climate and climate change might be gained. I am left with particular observations, such as the creek flow where we cross it. So I think there is a change, but cannot distinguish between natural variability and systemic change.

Dexter and Hannah have a different appreciation of the world around them. They process the information from the environment differently. They have more accurate hearing and smell. That must be an advantage if there are predators about in the environment. There barking means they are a natural alarm system. At the same time, they seem to have a reading on human emotional states.

Yet there reactions can be apparently unpredictable, or rather, there lack of response in one context will prefigure their response when they perceive the situation has fundamentally changed. Such an example occurred this week. We passed a young man, and exchanged greetings despite his listening to a walkman. The dogs did not react. I am thinking the dogs are OK with this person. A mistake to put it mildly. So I go and sit on the rock thinking he will continue in the direction he is going. Instead he comes running back heading in our direction. I con to situ watching in some form of amazement, considering alternatives by not taking control of the dogs. The result is both Dexter and Hannah attack him he gets close. From their point of view, Dexter and Hannah are protecting me. Regardless, I should have read the situation better and avoided the outcome. I did explain I had crook hands. He did approach and we shook hands, without any problem with Dexter and Hannah. So clearly, despite the novelty of the situation, I should have switched my attention from his behavior to their behavior, and not being caught up with the limited alternatives I had for avoidance the the problems that may be involved.

So that is my experience with situation awareness. It means something different in the military context, including involvement with highly developed technologies. Looking at a video it does not seem to include cultural sophistication, but rather dehumanization and routinized, stereotyped responses. I am hopeless at learning that material. It is as if you have learnt to apply all the acronyms you are fully ready for any situation.

So that is why my video was given the title. Whatever ever the merits of the music, the title of Silent Partner’s “Staring at the Valley” was sufficient reason to be included. That, and the fact it was roughly the right length.

One imagines Dexter and Hannah have the emotional sophistication, and dare I say, awareness, to be emotional creatures, perhaps not like human beings, but in their own way. What I like about this version of “Goodbye” is that Steve Earl, unlike Emmylou Harris often, enunciates the words. A comment made is that this is “hillbilly music”: Not to say goodbye, isn’t that a source of regret.



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