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There are more options to follow than are chosen. On the odd occasion a diversion is followed. We press on. Dexter and Hannah take change and routine in their stride.

They are getting out not so much for the sights or the sounds but perhaps more for the smells. It seems that a dogs cortex is more taken up with with their differentiated smelling ability. Otherwise dogs are acute to emotion.

By contrast birds appear to have greater visual acuity, or else they rely on numbers. It may be possible to identify birds by their distinctive “songs”. There are times when cicadas take over nature’s orchestra. When they are quite it may be a clue of an approaching storm.

There was rain and thunder storms, but not enough for the creek to flow at the crossing, although there was enough water to attack Dexter’s attention. Then there days with sunshine and storms. An overcast sky does not mean ultra violent radiation is not extreme – and I should be more careful.

The problem is not so many roads, as too many photos. Once these have be assembled, the choice of musical background is limited. Silent Partner provides the background music, “Heart Beats”:

Now Jerry Garcia would not stop at one option. There were “So Many Roads” and so many repetitions:




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