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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, CLIMATE CHANGE.

Climate change is a problem that will not go away. It is as Kevin Rudd said: “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time” I would prefer to describe it as “the defining issue of our time” – a rhetoric co-opted for income inequality.

Climate Change cannot be ignored, although there are those who engage in wishful thinking.

Climate Change represents fundamental system change, requiring system thinking to understand it and to address it. We may well have ignorantly stepped across thresholds of no return. The foolish laugh at mortal danger to fuel there stupidity and abjure their responsibility to others and to themselves. Then there may be those who having lost their humanity have no interest in restoring it.

Political systems are not aligned to deal with climate change, in terms of thinking and behavior.

Paul Keating said to change large things you need to change price signals. He may be right in advocating a Carbon Tax. All polluters, including households, should pay. This appeared to be working before the Abbott Government revoked it.

The history of representative government might be seen as a contest between democracy and oligarchy. In this struggle climate change is the wedge issue par excellence.

Paradigm shifts are more likely and more possible in science than they are in politics. Although science is not without politics, it has reference to observable testable information. To the extent that science is spiritual, truth is the standard.

Following the enlightenment, in politics the rational and spiritual have been disconnected. In the same way, the natural environment and the ecosystem have been conceptually collapsed into economics.

Democracy presupposes community. The answer to both oligarchy and Climate Change is community mobilization, that builds into a coherent multiple mass movement.

Power is actualized in community, among many, and shapes the ways in which our knowledge production impacts both our relationships and also our communities. In this way, power becomes not a force of surveillance but rather a mode of transparency within relationships. The #blacklivesmatter movement has the capacity to embody this style of leadership and enact new forms of power and knowledge. – Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (Tikkun)

Climate Change is the cut through issue, or hurdle on which the political and economic system stumbles. Pace e Bene were on point when they described as violence against the young and future generations. This means that we can bring the understanding violence to coming to terms to resistance to effective policies. Admittedly this is fundamental change required quickly. Nonviolence could not be more relevant.

Oligarchy and Democracy is all Greek to Syrzia. Yanis Varoufakis talks to Channel 4, prior to assuming political power :

Once the TPP is signed, it is enacted forever:

At least they seem to have given up on propaganda! May be not.



1. wmmbb - February 11, 2015

I did not explore the issues here, About 500 words is enough for a blog post. I was hoping that the post would be provocative. There would be disagreement, even if not expressed here.

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