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ARISE SIRE ABBOTT! February 9, 2015

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

The chances are good that Tony Abbott will be given his priors today. And then again he might survive the ship wreck. The problem with shipwrecks is that the boat cannot float any longer. Ask the captain of the Costa Concordia how that goes.

When caught on a reef, a rising tide has utility. Yet the polls are running against the PM it is hard to turn them around, short of a nation emergency in which the PM would be unlikely to distinguish himself, rather the opposite.

There is more data than previously, and that is very useful in specific demographic sentiments, which is very useful in elections campaigns, and government can be seen as the long campaign. However, more data can give rise to less meaning. It is a critical failure of Prime Ministers not to pick the general mood of the country.

Few things could more derision that giving poor old Phil a gong in Tony’s knighthood on Australia Day. Similarly few things could be funnier if the Caucus were to allow Tony to keep his job. The NSW Liberals, their handlers, the financiers, the State Government, and doubtless the members, of which there has to be some, would be besides themselves with angst and perhaps, anger.

Then there is the Federal LNP Caucus itself. A backbencher observes:

“We cannot govern ourselves in an internal climate of fear and intimidation. And that is the unacceptable situation we have endured for the past five years.” – Teresa Gambaro.

There is a chance when the bandwagon rolls that scapegoating at work. Removing Tony Abbott will not address the structural and institutional problems of Australian democracy, or reduce our personal responsibility. Katherine Murphy explains, “How the Liberal Party Machine swallowed the real Tony Abbott Alive” in The Guardian.

The Prime Minister is a legend:

This is the nicest video I watched. There is more of Tony’s articulation. He is surely right we should not spend money on such video downloads, or for that matter, uploads. Today it has as much relevance as it ever had. And today, Tony’s captains call to move the spill motion will seal his fate one way or another. Perhaps Team Australia can get a full forward who can kick goals, not miss points.

We will see who has the numbers in Caucus, and by implication the future of austerity. Since it is difficult to see how Tony Abbott can survive, the wisest course would be the change the Prime Minister by a transparent procedure. The expectation then would be that Tony Abbott would resign and get on with his life in another field of endeavour. Why not give him one of his own knighthoods as well. Good night Tony.



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