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This week was mixed. There was heavy rain, but equally moderate temperatures with high humidity. Dexter and Hannah got out on some days. The creek at the crossing flowed for one day only. The rain was probably heavier than I remember.

It is not coincidental that Dexter and Hannah are a pair. I am not sure how it works in practice, but the idea is that they have company when everyone else is out, a situation that is perhaps worse for solitary dogs. A quick review of the five reason suggested by PETA indicates some problems are specific to circumstances.

Week to week, much less day to day, it is almost impossible to detect changes in weather patterns. As a result of climate change it is suggested that the incidence of extreme El Nino/La Nina events will double by the end of the century and it looks as if one is due. Buggering up the climate is by orders of magnitude worst than buggering up Australia Day. Even if hard to do, the latter might be ignored.

While Dexter and Hannah as representatives of the canine species do not have the evolutionary development, despite other capabilities to be concerned with climate change or other ramifications of human activities, supposedly a wise species, the global system is approaching a critical state. Vanity and egotism may not be as wise as imagined, rather the opposite.

This week, the Bureau of Atomic Scientists moved the hands on their symbolic clock to three minutes to midnight. Climate change was the concern combined with increasing nuclear proliferation and risk of nuclear war. Suzanne Goldenberg reported in The Guardian:

As the scientists noted last Thursday, 2014 was the hottest year in 130 years of systematic record keeping. Nine of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000.

But the scientists suggested that the greater danger lay in the failure of leaders to recognize and act on climate change.

“Stunning government failures have imperiled civilizations on a global scale,” Benedict said. “World leaders have failed to act on a scale or at a speed to protect humanity from catastrophe.”

. . . Meanwhile, the scientists said, global efforts to reduce nuclear arsenals have slowed since 2009, and all of the nuclear powers were expanding reactors and weapons programs.

“That might be our number Dexter and Hannah”. In the meantime we went out and their were a few photos, in no particular order. I am not sure the You Tube option is working. The music by Silent Partner is “No Turning Back”:

Let’s be grateful to be alive. Grateful Dead’s Box of Rainmay have been relevant to the last week:

Who knows, Dexter and Hannah might find some direction around some corner where it has been waiting to meet them?



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