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Dexter and Hannah usually have a relaxed walk, with the opportunities they seem to like to engage in diversions.

There is a boulder at the top of the track, which is opposite to where the Coal Crusher used to operate, now over twenty five years ago. That represents the focus and end point of the walk from which we turn and come back home. Hannah quite often stretches out and has a rest. I was surprised this week to see Dexter following her in similar fashion.

We had rain. The creek flowed for a day at our crossing point and then it stopped. It has been quite humid, particularly today. When I come back home, I am not normally sweating.  However, I was today. I notice that evening levels of humidity are quite high.

Identifying patterns of weather subjectively is prone to error. This week, while climate change deniers may be in their bunker, it seems that climate scientists are digging in their heels. It turns out that 2014 was the hottest year recorded, and that occurred without an El Nino effect. Human Beings, or more exactly their social-economic systems over which they have apparently not control are crossing boundaries that should not be transgressed. Perhaps the appetites are in control? It is useful that satellites are employed to investigate soil moisture and capacity of forests to absorb carbon dioxide on a large scale.

Maybe the photos I take might be evidence for weather patterns. The creek flow has been recorded. Nonetheless, I tried to organize the photos in a way that might be visually interesting. The audio by Silent Partner is called: “The Road to You”.

Who knows what is science and what is metaphysics. Mumford and Sons perform “Roll Away Your Stone” with references to the soul. Which is what actually? Plato might be a starting point, and the Neoplatonists, such as Augustine, might be another. Here is the song:

Who knew this mattered? Dexter and Hannah don’t have souls, so perhaps they are fortunate. They can roll on the rock, or at least stretch out and relax.



1. wmmbb - January 24, 2015

It occurs to me that there is a stream of consciousness here. This phenomenon does not require rain, and is probably facilitated by some rapid banjo playing.

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