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Mostly when we turn back it has something to do with the environment. For example, I could not cross the creek. Although a flowing creek at the crossing is a seeming distant memory.

Today, Hannah had a sore paw. I don’t know what the problem was. There were a number of possibilities but rather than press on regardless, I turned around.
Dexter seemed keen about the idea for some reason. After we got home Hannah recovered.

Since dogs and human beings have such a long association, it might be thought that most behaviors would now be well known and understood. Julie Hecht suggest that a dog tuning over during play is a tactic, and not necessarily submission. It is a tactic used by larger dogs, for example, when playing with smaller dogs. Imagine that dogs actually develop strategies when playing, and presumably when engaging in other behaviors!

Most days we did not turn back and we collected a number of photographs, from which a selection could be made, albeit with some collages to help cover the ground. The upbeat music is supposed to cause the length to be overlooked. The music Topher Mohr and Alex Evans’ rendition of “The Creek”.

We cannot turn back time, or avoid the inevitable, but seldom is it asked why? Cher, apparently, had not heard of the unfettered right of free speech. Kate and Anna McGarrigle performed “Why Must We Die” IN 1997:

This Sunday is the fifth anniversary of Kate McGarrigle’s death from Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.



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