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Now it is starting to feel like summer, and that might be a portent. We seemed to have transitioned from one year to another.The actual year is a cultural artifact. While there may be different Buddhist calendars this year, at least in Thailand, is 2558.

Dexter and Hannah did not seem at all to be alarmed by the fireworks and associated noise. I would not blame them if they were. They are not as well socialized as they might be. That is in large part due to the humans who try to run their lives. Equally it is the case, that dogs and humans, live in individualized structures and the human thinking follows the implicit assumptions. Perhaps the dogs don’t.

Somebody should come up with a questionnaire that dogs can answer about their owners. Hannah might say she is not getting enough vigorous exercise. I have not been letting her off the lead. I am not going to give Dexter the option.

Dogs are common to human beings, and perhaps they have the potential to remind us of our sameness rather difference. Dogs can evoke our humanity as illustrated by the Novosibirsk District Hospital Number One in Siberia with Masha’s story.

There were photos and they were assembled after a fashion. They are accompanied by Silent Partner playing “Heartland”:

Rather than have Eva Cassidy sing “Time after Time”, I decided it would be better to have her version of “What a Wonderful World”:



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