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On Boxing Day, Dexter and Hannah were taken out for a walk. They when out on Christmas Day, although some other days were missed. However, it is true that on Sunday, “one walks his dog(s) – “Le dimanche on promene son chien(s)”.  Our meandering is more progressive digressions, than promenade.

Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald was plugging the theme that getting into the bush was a way to restore mental health after experiencing the urban built up environment. There were several studies to support the contention:

A different study followed the experience of more than 1000 people over five years, in which time some moved to greener urban areas and some to less green areas. The results showed that, on average, people who moved to greener areas felt an immediate improvement in their mental health. This boost could still be measured three years later.

“These findings are important for urban planners thinking about introducing new green spaces to towns and cities, suggesting they could provide long term and sustained benefits for local communities,” the lead author of the study said.

The other side of the story is the way in which forests have destroyed to create farmland, areas for housing, and in some cases left as unproductive land. Justine Gillis in The New York Times suggests that this destruction has been now reversed, although he makes no mention of the reduplicating the biodiversity of old growth forests.

Everything is considered as to how it affects human beings. However, I noticed that a single Kookaburra on the back fence over a number of days. I cannot say for sure whether it was the same one. It seemed to me it was missing the trees that had been cut down.

The notion that all beings on this planet are inter-related seems to be the scientific consensus of biology. At least that is the proposition advanced by E O Wilson.

There was more happening around us than I noticed. That seemed to be true whether it was Sunday, or Thursday. And neither Dexter or Hannah would accept Sunday as the only walking day. As usual we made a record, setting the photos to a music by Silent Partner’s rendition of “Sawdust”:

Kate and Anna McGarrigle, among others, perform “Complainte Pour St Catherine”. I have no idea why there should be a “lament for St Catherine”, other than it ends with the declaration: “On Sunday, one walks the dog(s):



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