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If it is true that everything is transient, then good fortune will pass in due course. There is a suggestion, and it is difficult to what credence some intelligence might have that much of the area will be converted to housing. Meanwhile Dexter and Hannah live in the present.

We have to change our familiar walk path if that were to happen or, perhaps something worst might happen. It is incredible to reflect that no human being, or any other land animal, could sustain life beyond seconds without the work of vegetation, but a tree can be destroyed without a moments thought.

Meanwhile Dexter and Hannah live in the present. There brains seem to be wired to decode human speech for meaning, but it seems they can exercise discretion. Victoria Ratcliffe of the University of Sussex describes the experiments observing:

We can’t say from our study exactly how much our dogs understand when we speak to them. However, the results do indicate that they don’t just pay attention to who is speaking and their tone of voice – they also, to some extent, hear the words we say.

So even if he doesn’t always respond, he is listening.

That is useful to know.

Not only do dogs have more receptors in their brains dedicated to decoding smells, but it seems that a significant part of their intake of air is directed to an olfactory receptor. Dogs can identify some cancers. So far Dexter and Hannah have not demonstrated such a capability – but you never know.

We did see a snake on our walk. I don’t know that they can smell snakes. I thought better of taking a photo. My sense is that despite the discouragement of familiarity the choice is to be purposive or get lucky. So we got a record. The background music is by Silent Partner, “The Road to You”:

May be we just got lucky, and that luck will continue. Mark Knopfler wrote and preforms, “Get Lucky”:


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