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Every day for the past week has involved thunder, lightning and rain. Fortunately, these events have arrived in the evening and here we have not borne the full brunt, including hail, as has occurred elsewhere.

I am not sure that Dexter and Hannah are cluey about atmospheric conditions, so we went out anyway. My theory is if the birds can be heard, then all is clear at least for the time being. There was a bit of rain, but not enough to have the creek flowing at the crossing. So much for the beginning of summer. The rain is very welcome, and hopefully there will be more. Season to season, as was true for Spring, we are told that it has been the hottest on record. This is not not good news for Arctic Foxes.

I do not expect to meet anyone on our stoll, but we have to be prepared. This mostly means the dogs can do their own thing. I have to be careful, especially on downward path since I might may not have good traction. I try both to anticipate and alert others of my presence. Carrying a radio, for example, seems inappropriate.

Encounters can be quite shocking. I met a South African this week, who accused me of being a racist, although it might be more accurately described as xenophobia. He refused to move away, and was belligerent in his posture, which arose apparently because I suggested he was stupid. It never occurred to me that anybody would be offended. Perhaps foolish would be more appropriate. For some reason he started talking about schizophrenia, which might have arisen from hearing me talking to Hannah, after she has slipped into the creek for a drink. We all can have compassion for other people and dogs. The dogs did not react to the situation, his dog in particular. The conversation helped. When I asked his dogs name, he said, “mind your own business”.

We lived to talk another day. The music that accompanies the photo sequence video by Silent Partner is called, “Accidents will Happen”:

Gerry and the Pacemakers, and the Liverpool Football supporters seem to believe, “that when you walk through a storm, you never be alone”:


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